Friday, May 28, 2010

M0008 - Gaither Vocal Band - Australian Homecoming

Australian Homecoming by Gaither Vocal Band is a DVD Video Product that was released on April 8, 2003


1. I'm Gonna Sing
2. Not Gonna Worry
3. New Day (feat. the Easters)
4. You Must Be Born Again (feat. the Easters)
5. Heartbreak Ridge And New Hope Road
6. Knowing You'll Be There
7. These Are They
8. Hallelujah Chorus (feat. Anthony Burger)
9. Comedy (feat. Taylor Mason)
10. Everything Good
11. When The Rains Come
12. I Love You, Lord
13. O Love That Will Not Let Me Go
14. My Soul Is Anchored To The Rock (feat. Janet Paschal)
15. Comedy (feat. Bill Gaither and Mark Lowry)
16. Why Not Crocodile Me? (feat. Mark Lowry)
17. What Were You Thinking? (feat. Mark Lowry)
18. He Came Through (The Lord Came Through)
19. Let The Glory Come Down (feat. David Phelps)
20. This Is The Time I Must Sing (feat. Bill Gaither and a young Australian friend)
21. The Really Big News
22. Forgive Me
23. There Is A River
24. It Is Finished


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